Bio-Avail Myco

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Bio-Avail Myco is a full-spectrum blend of eight mushroom extracts that support optimal immune and cellular health, promote mental clarity and focus, and help maintain normal blood sugar and cardiovascular function.

Bio-Avail Myco highlights:

A carefully curated blend of eight mushrooms, including reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, agaricus, and turkey tail

Contains 225 mg of each mushroom, with 1,800 mg of total mushroom extract per serving

Made with all parts of the mushroom—including the fruiting bodies, mycelium, primordia, and the extracellular compounds the mushrooms produce, like enzymes and acids

Supports a healthy immune response

Promotes optimal brain function

✔ Helps maintain normal blood sugar and cardiovascular function

    A Potent Mushroom Blend to Give You an “Unfair Advantage”

    What makes Bio-Avail Myco stand out?

    Why add Bio-Avail Myco to your daily routine?

    The mushrooms in Bio-Avail Myco help support an optimal immune response and maintain the normal function of the cells.

    Mushroom compounds have been shown to improve mental clarity and memory and promote healthy brain and neurological function.

    Both modern research and traditional use suggest that mushrooms may improve exercise performance and recovery and promote sexual health and vitality.

    The beta-glucans in mushrooms may help maintain normal blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

    Mushrooms have been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure levels that are in the normal range.


    Bio-Avail Myco is best taken with food. We recommend taking two capsules in the morning with breakfast and two capsules in the evening with dinner.