Bio-Avail D3/K2

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Bio-Avail D3/K2 is a synergistic blend of vitamins D3 and K2 in a concentrated, easy-to-absorb liquid form.

Bio-Avail D3/K2 highlights:

1,000 IU of D3 and 120 mcg of K2 (MK-4) per drop

Highly bioavailable liquid form

Flexible dosing to reach your ideal vitamin D level

MCT oil base with no fillers or artificial ingredients

High potency. One bottle contains 600 servings!

How to use:

Take one to five drops per day with or without food as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

95 percent of Americans don’t get enough vitamin D—but you don’t have to be one of them!

What makes Bio-Avail D3/K2 stand out?

Why make Bio-Avail D3/K2 part of your daily routine?

Most Americans (and people living elsewhere in the industrialized world) don’t get enough vitamin D and K2—with serious consequences. Protect your health and longevity by ensuring optimal intake of these “missing” nutrients.

Spending time outside may be enough for some of us to meet our vitamin D needs—at least in some parts of the world at some times of the year. However, studies have shown that sun exposure alone is not enough to produce adequate vitamin D levels for most people. Bio-Avail D3/K2 helps close the gap and ensure you get the vitamin D and K2 you need, no matter where you live or the time of year.

Studies have shown that vitamins D and K2 play critical roles in numerous body functions that impact our longevity, including the cardiovascular, metabolic, bone, brain, and immune systems. Ensuring optimal intake of D3 and K2 will increase your chances of living a long and healthy life!


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