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Based on 300 reviews
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Bio-Avail D3/K2
Shannon B
Invest in yourself

Great line of supplements that takes the guess work out of what to purchase in regard to, quality, absorption, quantity, benefits etc. Tons of free information and advice that comes along with ordering the adapt products and a real sense of overall well being in taking them. I was a bit hung up on the cost initially but it’s better to start investing towards my health than to be dealing with medical &
pharmaceutical routes if I don’t. I trust I’ve made the right choice. Thanks for giving that peace of mind!!

Bio-Avail Myco
Marcia E Hansen
It will do what it is suppose to do - Killer Selectivity.

I would trust anything Chris tells me and anything I would buy from him. He is so open and well respected in the Functional community. There is no other way to look at illness except the root cause. That's where to start. That said, This is not the first time I have purchased this product for me and my husband. I have Post COVID Syndrome and would like to think BioAvail Myco just might help me toward my good health again.

Hi Marcia, We appreciate your trust in Chris's work. We are so happy you are benefiting from our Bio-Avail Myco. We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail Myco
Sarah Mustoe
Better sleep and dreaming

In the few months I've been taking Bio-Avail Myco, I notice I sleep better. My regular bouts of insomnia have greatly diminished. I've also noticed I dream more and remember my dreams more vividly.

Hi sarah, We are indeed pleased to hear that our Bio-Avail Myco has helped with your sleep and also to remember your dreams. We hope you will receive other great benefits as you continue to supplement. Thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review!

Bio-Avail Mag
Melissa Merchan
I liked !

I bought the magnesio and the multivitamin, I had a baby of 2 month and it is so important to me to take this supplement… it gives me a lot of strength. I recommended for sure

Hi Melissa, We are so happy our Bio-Avail Mag and Bio-Avail Multi is giving you the strength you need, especially when it comes on to taking care of a newborn. We appreciate your review!

Perfect Multivitamin

Kris is the best. I've been feeling great taking this multivitamin and it's allowed me to take a lot fewer pills overall. Love the addition of lycopene and broccoli extract. I only wish there was a little bit of lithium or saffron for mood!

Hi Karl, We are happy you found our Bio-Avail Multi and it is working for you. Thank you for reviewing this product!

Core Plus Bundle
Michelle Pape
Impressed so far

After one month on Adapt Naturals, I am noticing an improvement in my sleep, and even some improvement with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, along with an overall sense of just feeling better. I plan to continue with the core bundle!

Hi Michelle, We are indeed happy to hear you are experiencing great results from our core plus bundle. We are happy your sleep and hot flashes has improved, and most importantly you are feeling better overall. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review!

Bio-Avail Multi
Tesa Brown

Listen to video

Hi Tesa, Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry the Bio-Avail Multi did not work for you. We offer a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee on all products. Please send us an email to and we will be happy to provide you with a refund for this supplement. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Bio-Avail D3/K2
Dianne Lowry
Bio-Avail D3/K2

I trust Chris Kresser’s products, and I am so glad that he added Vitamin D3/K2 to his supplement line. I really like the fact that these two vitamins are combined in liquid form.

Hi Dianne, We are happy we created the D3/K2 supplement so our customers can benefit. We hope you will experience all the great benefits this supplement has to offer. We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail Myco
Kristi Pritchett
Adapt Natural Bundle...the bomb!!

Both my 32 yr old son with down syndrome and I have been taking the bundle for 7 or 8 months now.
Neither of us have had even a hint of any cold, flu, belly ache..nothing! Feeling great, sleeping great, very good energy, and no gut issues! Highly recommend!

Hi Kristi, We are thrilled to hear that our core plus bundle has worked well for you and your son's . We appreciate your recommendation. Thank you for reviewing this product!

Bio-Avail Multi
Joni Bigley
no difference

no difference

Hi Joni, We are sorry to hear you have not yet noticed a difference since taking the Bio-Avail Multi. Each person is unique and may respond to supplements at different intervals. We hope you will start seeing positive improvements soon. Thank you for your review!

I trust this multi

A great multivitamin. And although I cant specifically feel its effects, I trust the team behind it, given their drive for science and epigenetics.

Hi Cat, We appreciate your trust in Adapt Naturals! Each individual is unique in their own way and may respond to supplements differently. They may have a faster effect on some individuals while it may take a longer time for others to notice a difference. We hope you will see positive improvements soon. We appreciate your review of our Bio-Avail Multi!

Lab Values Improved

I recently had lab work done, and now my Vitamin D level is solidly good. Using the drops has definitely helped. Adjusting my diet alone was not sufficient.

Hi Donna, we are glad to hear your lab work has improved since taking the D3/K2 drops. We appreciate your support. Thank you for leaving us a review!

Bio-Avail Multi
Rachel Ross

This is the most well-rounded and thoroughly complete multivitamin. I can feel the difference in my energy level, clarity and sense of well-being. I have tried MANY multivitamins. Adapt Naturals is sincerely one of the very best.

Hi Rachel, We're very pleased to hear that after taking our Bio-Avail Multi, your energy , clarity and sense of well-being has improved. Thank you so much for choosing Adapt Naturals! We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail Mag
Helps with sleep

My 17 year old son has struggled with sleep for many years. He was able to lower the amount of Melatonin he takes since starting the magnesium. I’m hoping he will be able to stop taking any melatonin soon!

Hi Lisa, We appreciate your support to Adapt Naturals, We hope your son will experience all the great benefits the Bio-Avail Mag has to offer. Thank you for reviewing this product!

Bio-Avail Multi
Hannah Kinderlehrer
So far so good!

We've got every member of our family taking these, and they are the one multi my son will take without gagging! We call that success! These are high quality and we are all super grateful for this great product.

Hi Hannah, We are thrilled to know that our Bio-Avail Multi is working for your entire family. We appreciate your support. Thank you for taking the time out to review this product!

Accelerated my healing and keeping me in great shape

I started the Adapt Naturals Core Plus bundle in the fall when I learned that my nagging injury was a tear in my hamstring. As a triathlete it was hard to slow down and focus only on Physical Therapy. In addition I started the Core Plus bundle. My PT was suprised at how fast I healed and how quickly my recovery progressed, and now I'm trained up and ready to compete in triathon again, healthier than ever.

Hi Laura, We're elated to hear about how our core plus bundle has helped you with healing from your injuries. Everyone's hope is to have a healthy life and we are glad our core plus bundle is giving you the benefits needed for a healthy life. We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail E+
Dianne Lowry
Bio-Avail E+

I have learned a lot about Vitamin E from Chris Kresser including the form of Vitamin E that is most beneficial as well as the benefits. I made sure to take a dose of Vitamin E before I had an MRI that required contrast dye as well as before having dental x-rays taken. I take it daily to protect my heart and to lower my LDL cholesterol. I am looking forward to seeing the results of my lipid panel the next time I have lab work done.

Hi Dianne, Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Chris Kresser's teachings on Vitamin E. We're thrilled to hear that you've learned how to choose the most beneficial form of Vitamin E and the numerous benefits associated with it.
Your daily intake of Vitamin E to protect your heart and lower your LDL cholesterol is also a smart and proactive approach to maintaining your health. We appreciate that you took the time to share your experience and we hope that you continue to see positive results on your lipid panel in the future.

Core Plus Bundle
Scott Blue
Really solid and activating

So dig my Adapt Naturals bundle. As a mid-fifties father of two younger / youngish kids, it made a complete difference in my overall energy and sense of physical wellbeing.

Hi Scott, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the core plus bundle. We're thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience and that our products were able to help with your overall well being!

Bio-Avail D3/K2
Meg Pulcini
A boost for bone health

Love the convenience of a D3/K2 combo in liquid form. I take 4 drops with breakfast to ensure that my body and especially my bones are getting quality nutrients for building more bone—I have osteoporosis and research bears out the effectiveness of a D3/K2 supplement. More will be revealed in my next Dexa Scan. A complaint: the rubber top to the dropper leaks. Also, there’s a learning curve to administering drop by drop. Might want to look into these issues.

Hi Meg, Thank you for reviewing the D3/K2 supplement. We are happy you are loving the convenience of this product so far. We appreciate your complaint as we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services based on customer's feedback.

Core Plus Bundle
Jonathan Taylor
Recovering my speed of recovery

I’m a 58 y-o male, and in recent years I had difficulty juggling work stress, demanding workouts, sleeplessness, and physical recovery. Cortisol disregulation and chronic soreness were the order of the day. Adapt Naturals Core Plus Bundle to the rescue! I bounce back faster than ever. The only wrinkle for me was that I had to taper up the Myco supplement; the full dose puffed my eyes right up on Day 1. A gradual increase did the trick. Thanks for helping me get my zip back! -Jonathan

Hi Jonathan, We are thrilled to hear of how impactful the core plus bundle has been to your health. We hope as time goes by you will notice other great changes. We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail Myco
Margaret K
Great product so far

I've been an avid listener of RHR for a while and greatly appreciate the wisdom of Chris Kresser and his guests. Based on that, I decided to give a few of the products a try. I've been through one bottle of the Bio-Avail Myco, and thus far experienced enhanced calm and sustained energy. I'll continue with it as I think you need to give supplements at least 90 days to assess the impact on your well-being.

Hi Margaret, We are grateful for your support to Adapt Naturals! It's a pleasure to know you gave the Bio-Avail Myco a try and it is working for you. We hope you will continue to benefit greatly from this supplement. Thank you for your review!

Bio-Avail Multi

I've always been a skeptic of multi-vitamins. Mainly their true effectiveness due to lack of absorption/ proper dosing. As a long time Chris Kresser follower, I trust his academic/ scientific integrity. Then through a series of articles explaining their purpose/process I was satisfied that my concerns were met. The multi-vitamin with its natural or bio-identical sources has been a significant boost to my health. I have a limited diet and I feel this product does a wonderful job of filling in the deficiencies.

Hi Jeffrey, Thank you for your trust in Adapt naturals! We are always happy to hear that our supplements are beneficial to our customer's health. We are happy the Bio-Avail Multi is positively impacting your health. We appreciate your review!

Bio-Avail D3/K2
Lauren D
Lasts Forever!

Great price for a high quality vitamin D that will last a VERY long time.

Hi Lauren. We are happy you are satisfied with our D3/K2 supplement. We hope you will reap all the great benefits from taking this supplement. Thank you for leaving us a review!

Core Plus Bundle
Margaret Green
Too Much?

Isn't a multivitamin taken simultaneously with an organ supplement overkill?

Hi Margaret, Chris designed Bio-Avail Multi and Bio-Avail Organ to be taken together (along with the other three supplements in the Core Plus bundle). Thank you for your review!

Core Plus Bundle
Just starting month 3!

So far I have really been liking the vitamins just because I haven’t gotten any type of side effects or feelings like they aren’t working. I just started month 3 and I know it takes a bit to start feeling all the affects so I’m excited for this next month! Thank you!

Hi Brittany, We're so glad you like the core plus bundle. Everyone is unique in their own way. Some persons may notice instant improvements, while it may take others a little longer to notice a difference, which may be what you are experiencing. We hope as you continue to take these supplements you will notice great improvements. Thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review!