New Bio-Avail Multi formula (June 2023)

Changes and additions

Now contains 450 mg of choline

It’s a critical nutrient required for healthy cell membrane function, methylation, and cognitive function. U.S. guidelines suggest an intake of 550 mg/d for men and 425 mg/d for women—yet 99% of Americans fail to meet this requirement. We’ve included 450 mg of choline (in the forms of betaine HCL and trimethylglycine) to support healthy choline intakes.

Now contains betaine HCL

Many people suffer from digestive issues and malabsorption. We’ve included 200 mg of betaine HCL to support healthy digestion and help you absorb the nutrients in Bio-Avail Multi. 

Vitamin A: slight increase—and only the active form

We’ve increased the dose of vitamin A to 2,000 mcg RAE, and 100% of that is in the active form (retinyl palmitate). Many people don’t get enough of this crucial nutrient, but most multis contain beta-carotene, a precursor form of vitamin A that is not always converted into the active form (retinol). 

Vitamin D: slight increase to 3,000 IU

We’ve increased the dose of vitamin D to 3,000 IU. Over 90 percent of Americans don’t get enough vitamin D, and many people need between 2,000–4,000 IU per day to maintain an optimal blood level.

Vitamin E: removed tocotrienols, added a low dose of tocopherols

The body is unquestionably designed to use alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) as its primary fat-soluble antioxidant—as there is an entire physiological system designed to concentrate it at the expense of the other forms. 

89% of Americans are deficient in vitamin E. While the tocotrienol form of vitamin E has distinct and powerful benefits, it does not perform the same functions of alpha-tocopherol, and does not correct this vitamin E deficiency. 

We’ve added 6.7 mg of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) to the formula for this reason. This modest amount—along with background dietary intake—will make it easy for you to meet the RDA, without the risks associated with higher doses of supplemental tocopherols. 

We removed the small amount of tocotrienol (25 mg) that was present in the previous formula. This added significant cost but was not a high enough dose to provide meaningful benefits. We have a separate product, Bio-Avail E+, with a clinically relevant dose (300 mg) of tocotrienols for those that wish to supplement with these amazing compounds.

Vitamin K: a higher dose of K2

Half of the 240 mcg of vitamin K is now in the form of vitamin K2 (with 50% as MK-4 and 50% as MK-7). This provides a balance blend of K1/K2 with a greater amount of K2 than the previous formula. 

Biotin: 300 mcg vs. 100 mcg

We’ve increased the amount of biotin from 100 mcg to 300 mcg. Biotin plays an important role in the health of our skin, hair, and nails.

Calcium: no longer in the formula

Calcium is a crucial nutrient that many people don’t get enough of, but calcium supplementation is problematic. (See this article for more info). The previous formula had a low dose of calcium (50 mg), but I’ve removed it entirely from this upgraded formula to minimize risks associated with calcium supplementation. I am working on a calcium supplement that would help you to meet your daily needs without posing the same risks as typical calcium supplements. Stay tuned!

Selenium: a lower dose

Research suggests the optimal selenium intake is about 105 mcg/d. Some recent studies indicate that excess selenium may increase the risk of certain conditions. I have therefore reduced the amount of selenium in the formula to 55 mcg. This appears to be the best balance between maximizing the benefits of selenium and minimizing any risk of excessive intake.

Additional changes

We’ve also made the following small adjustments and additions:

  • Added European elderberry extract to the phytonutrient blend
  • Added inositol (100 mg). Inositol supports healthy blood sugar, mood, and hormone balance.
  • Increased folate from 680 mcg to 700 mcg
  • Increased magnesium from 150 mg to 180 mg, and changed form to magnesium bis-glycinate chelate
  • Added phosphorus. Phosphorus works together with calcium and vitamin D to support bone health. 
  • Added L-taurine. L-taurine is an amino acid that has been shown to support nerve growth, maintain normal blood pressure, and calm the nervous system.

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