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Bio-Avail Myco

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Bio-Avail Myco is a full-spectrum blend of eight organic mushroom extracts that support optimal immune and cellular health, promote mental clarity and focus, and help maintain normal blood sugar and cardiovascular function.

Bio-Avail Myco highlights:

Supports a healthy immune response

Promotes optimal brain function

✔ Helps maintain normal blood sugar and cardiovascular function

A carefully curated blend of eight organic mushrooms, including reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, tremella, and turkey tail

✔ Made with real mushrooms grown on natural substrates—not mycelium grown on cereal grains in a laboratory.

Contains five 1:1 extracts and three 8:1 extracts for optimal potency and effectiveness


    A Potent Mushroom Blend to Give You an “Unfair Advantage”

    What makes Bio-Avail Myco stand out?

    Why add Bio-Avail Myco to your daily routine?

    The mushrooms in Bio-Avail Myco help support an optimal immune response and maintain the normal function of the cells.

    Mushroom compounds have been shown to improve mental clarity and memory and promote healthy brain and neurological function.

    Both modern research and traditional use suggest that mushrooms may improve exercise performance and recovery and promote sexual health and vitality.

    The beta-glucans in mushrooms may help maintain normal blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

    Mushrooms have been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure levels that are in the normal range.


    Bio-Avail Myco is best taken with food. We recommend taking two capsules in the morning with breakfast and two capsules in the evening with dinner.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Marcia E Hansen
    It will do what it is suppose to do - Killer Selectivity.

    I would trust anything Chris tells me and anything I would buy from him. He is so open and well respected in the Functional community. There is no other way to look at illness except the root cause. That's where to start. That said, This is not the first time I have purchased this product for me and my husband. I have Post COVID Syndrome and would like to think BioAvail Myco just might help me toward my good health again.

    Hi Marcia, We appreciate your trust in Chris's work. We are so happy you are benefiting from our Bio-Avail Myco. We appreciate your review!

    Sarah Mustoe
    Better sleep and dreaming

    In the few months I've been taking Bio-Avail Myco, I notice I sleep better. My regular bouts of insomnia have greatly diminished. I've also noticed I dream more and remember my dreams more vividly.

    Hi sarah, We are indeed pleased to hear that our Bio-Avail Myco has helped with your sleep and also to remember your dreams. We hope you will receive other great benefits as you continue to supplement. Thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review!

    Kristi Pritchett
    Adapt Natural Bundle...the bomb!!

    Both my 32 yr old son with down syndrome and I have been taking the bundle for 7 or 8 months now.
    Neither of us have had even a hint of any cold, flu, belly ache..nothing! Feeling great, sleeping great, very good energy, and no gut issues! Highly recommend!

    Hi Kristi, We are thrilled to hear that our core plus bundle has worked well for you and your son's . We appreciate your recommendation. Thank you for reviewing this product!

    Margaret K
    Great product so far

    I've been an avid listener of RHR for a while and greatly appreciate the wisdom of Chris Kresser and his guests. Based on that, I decided to give a few of the products a try. I've been through one bottle of the Bio-Avail Myco, and thus far experienced enhanced calm and sustained energy. I'll continue with it as I think you need to give supplements at least 90 days to assess the impact on your well-being.

    Hi Margaret, We are grateful for your support to Adapt Naturals! It's a pleasure to know you gave the Bio-Avail Myco a try and it is working for you. We hope you will continue to benefit greatly from this supplement. Thank you for your review!

    Margaret Green
    SO tired

    I have every respect for Chris Kresser and absolutely trust his advice and supplements. Since starting the mushroom supplement (1 to start, now 2) I have definitely noticed a lift in my depression and a total chilling out but I almost feel too chilled out like I could sleep for 24 hours straight or just sit there and zone out. I'm also confused because why would you take reishi in the morning? The combo of mushrooms makes it confusing as to which time of day to take. I still think it's great but will likely have to really reduce my dose. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you for all you do!!

    Hi Margaret, Thanks so much for your review! We’re so glad that you’re getting some benefits from Bio-Avail Myco. Some customers do notice an adjustment period after starting a new supplement. We suggest speaking with your healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about how one of our products may be affecting you. Regarding Reishi, it is classified as an adaptogen, which means it supports the body’s natural stress response. Herbalists often recommend taking Reishi in both the morning and the evening for optimal results, so this is also what we suggest. Thanks for being an Adapt Naturals customer