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With the Adapt Naturals, you can:

  • Supercharge your nutrient intake so your brain can thrive
  • Streamline your daily supplement routine—and save money and time
  • Have confidence that you're getting everything you need (and nothing you don't)

Adapt Naturals supplements are backed by over a decade of research and clinical experience and fueled by high-quality, evidence-based ingredients you can trust.

Real Stories of Health and Happiness

  • "I noticed a difference in brain functioning! This is the first time I have seen my body respond so obviously and positively."

    —Karen R.
  • “I noticed an improvement in my memory within the first month.”

    —Mark S.
  • "After just 1 month I felt an increase in energy and my mental capacities increased! My focus is improving and motivation has increased."

    —Stephanie K.
  • Sharpen Your Mind

    Life is too short to suffer from brain fog, distraction, and poor memory! Boost your mental clarity, focus, attention, and memory naturally with Core Plus.

  • Elevate Your Mood

    Core Plus is loaded with nutrients that brighten and stabilize mood, increase motivation, and relieve stress—so you can be more productive and feel like yourself again.

  • Protect Your Brain

    Protecting our brains is one of the keys to aging well. The nutrients in Core Plus can help slow the aging process in the brain, and even regenerate new brain cells!

Bio-Avail Multi: A Multi + Greens & Reds Powder in One Product

A multivitamin should be the cornerstone of any brain health program.

Bio-Avail Multi is a multivitamin, multimineral, and phytonutrient blend that replicates an ancestral whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet.

Unlike most multis on the market made with cheap and synthetic compounds, all the ingredients in Bio-Avail Multi are food-based, naturally occurring, or bioidentical.

It’s like a multi and greens and reds powder all in one!

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Bio-Avail Omega+: Ultra-Pure Fish Oil with Bioavailable Curcumin and Black Seed

Fish oil, curcumin, and black seed oil are renowned for their powerful health benefits.

But until now, they’ve only been available in separate products—which means higher cost and more pills. What’s more, many fish oils on the market are rancid or contain toxins like heavy metals and PCBs. And curcumin and black seed oil are not well-absorbed unless special preparations are used.

Bio-Avail Omega+ combines the purest and freshest fish oil with the most bioavailable forms of curcumin and black seed oil so you can get the incredible benefits of these nutrients in a single, two soft-gel serving.

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Bio-Avail Organ: A Food-Based Nutrient Powerhouse

When it comes to nutrient density, organ meats win hands-down.

A single serving of liver meets the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin B12 for an entire week and far exceeds the daily RDA for vitamins A and B2 (riboflavin) and copper!

While most of us don’t eat organ meats regularly, Bio-Avail Organ has you covered with a blend of five freeze-dried bovine organs—liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen—sourced from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, free-range New Zealand cattle.

Taking Bio-Avail Organ daily is equivalent to eating about 4 ounces of organ meat a week.

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Bio-Avail Myco: Brain, Immune and Cardiovascular Support

Mushrooms are nothing short of a natural wonder.

They have a 7,000-year track record of supporting health and well-being—from protecting our brains to supporting immunity and cellular health to maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Bio-Avail Myco is a blend of the eight mushrooms that have shown the greatest health benefits in scientific studies: reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, agaricus, and turkey tail.

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Bio-Avail Mag: The Missing Link for Sleep and Metabolic Health

Magnesium promotes sleep and relaxation, helps maintain normal blood sugar, supports bone health, and much more.

Each 2-capsule serving of Bio-Avail Mag contains 300 mg of magnesium in a chelated formula—meaning it gets absorbed quickly and is far less likely to cause gastrointestinal symptoms like loose stools and bloating, unlike inferior forms of magnesium.

Studies suggest that the average American consumes 200 to 300 mg less magnesium daily than needed! We created Bio-Avail Mag to ensure you get enough of this critical and health-boosting nutrient.

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Bio-Avail E+: Promotes Healthy Skin, Bones, and Cells

89 percent of Americans don’t get enough vitamin E. But supplementing with the most common form, alpha-tocopherol, has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Bio-Avail E+ contains 300 mg of delta- and gamma-tocotrienols, a recently discovered form of vitamin E that has greater health benefits than alpha-tocopherol—and none of its long-term risks.

It can protect the brain, improve lipid profiles, promote cellular health, support healthy blood sugar levels, and improve bone health.

Bio-Avail E+

Bio-Avail Colostrum+ Grass-Fed Colostrum with Lactoferrin and Beta-Glucan

Bio-Avail Colostrum+ gives you 3 powerful immune-supporting nutrients in a single product—at a significantly lower price than you’d pay for them separately.

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Learn What Adapt Naturals Can Do For You

Conquer nutrient deficiency and take back your health!

Did you know that humans need at least 40 micronutrients to function optimally? Virtually every process that happens in the body and our brains requires a vitamin, mineral, or other nutrients.

This explains why nutrient deficiencies can lead to a wide range of problems, from low energy to poor sleep and weight gain to an increased risk of age-related disease like dementia and Alzheimer’s and premature death.

Sadly, the latest research suggests that most Americans fall short on not just one but several essential vitamins and minerals.

Add back in what the modern world has squeezed out.

Our busy, fast-paced lives make it difficult for most of us to eat a clean, whole-food diet 100 percent of the time.

Even if we do, declining soil quality, a growing toxic burden, and other challenges in the modern world have made it difficult—if not impossible—to meet our nutrient needs through food alone.

Supplements can help close the gaps and ensure that we’re getting all the nutrients we need to thrive and live a long, healthy life.

But not just any supplements will do… appears here.

Supercharge your health with full-spectrum, bioavailable nutrients.

Frankly, most supplements on the market aren’t worth taking.

They’re made with cheap, synthetic ingredients, don’t have enough of what we need (or too much of what we don’t), and don’t contain the phytonutrients that promote optimal health and longevity.

To truly benefit from supplementation, you need food-based, highly absorbable nutrients that cover all of the bases—from essential vitamins and minerals like B12, vitamins C and D, iron, zinc, and magnesium to plant nutrients like bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and beta-glucans.

Adapt Naturals covers your bases with the nutrients you need to feel and perform your best and live a long, healthy life.

The Adapt Naturals Standard

In our increasingly toxic world, the last thing you want to worry about is a lot of allergens and artificial junk in your supplements. Core Plus is made with the cleanest possible ingredients, without common allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy, and without GMOs. All Adapt Naturals products are manufactured in a U.S. facility that meets the NSF’s rigorous GMP regulatory standards.

Meet Chris Kresser, your
Trusted Health & Wellness Guide

Founder & Functional Medicine Clinician

  • Globally renowned expert with over 15 years of experience
  • Dedicated to helping people improve their health by addressing modern challenges and nutrient gaps

Author & Educator

  • Treated thousands of patients
  • Trained more than 2,000 healthcare professionals
  • Gained valuable insights into functional medicine and nutrition

Best Sellers

Bio-Avail Omega+

Bio-Avail Omega+

Ultra-pure fish oil with bioavailable curcumin and black seed

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Bio-Avail Multi

Bio-Avail Multi

The Ultimate Whole-Food Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

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Bio-Avail Myco

Bio-Avail Myco

Full-spectrum blend of eight superfood mushrooms

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Bio-Avail Colostrum+

Bio-Avail Colostrum+

Grass-Fed Colostrum with Lactoferrin and Beta-Glucan

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Your Questions Answered

Yes, all products are made without gluten and GMOs, and are also vegetarian.

Most people see positive changes like more energy, deeper sleep, and better mental and physical performance within a couple of weeks. That said, nutrient deficiencies take years—or even decades—to develop, and they can take months to fully correct. We suggest giving the Adapt Naturals at least three months before determining whether it works for you.

When you buy the Core Plus Bundle, shipping is FREE for all orders (U.S. only).

We ship most orders within one business day. Most orders take 2-3 days to arrive once shipped.

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Adapt Naturals products are manufactured in a U.S. facility that meets the NSF’s rigorous GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulatory standards.

We offer both options. If you’d like to place a one-time order, choose the “one-time purchase” option (which is selected by default) above the “add to cart” button. If you want to sign up for auto-ship and save an additional 10%, choose the “Subscribe & Save” option here.

As noted above, nutrient deficiencies can take years (or even decades) to develop and many months to correct. For this reason, we suggest that you take Adapt Naturals for at least three months before determining whether it works for you.

That said, we know that each individual is different, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re unhappy with your order for any reason, simply contact us, and we’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked!

We recommend taking the full Core Plus bundle for the best results. But we also know that, for various reasons, some customers may be unable to take all the products in the bundle. If you’d like to order individual products, please visit our website.