How to Take the Core Plus Bundle

The majority of Americans are deficient in not just one but several micronutrients, and it can take months to restore adequate levels of vitamins and minerals once they have become depleted.1 And once you have restored optimal nutrient levels, continuing to take Core Plus daily is the best way to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to support vibrant health and longevity.

We recommend taking Core Plus daily, with food for best results. We recommend the following daily schedule for ease and convenience:

With breakfast:

  • Bio-Avail Multi (2 capsules)
  • Bio-Avail Myco (3 capsules)
  • Bio-Avail Organ (3 capsules)

With dinner:

  • Bio-Avail Multi (2 capsules)
  • Bio-Avail Organ (3 capsules)
  • Bio-Avail Mag (2 capsules)
  • Bio-Avail E+ (1 gel cap)

Taken together, the Core Plus bundle is a powerhouse of nutrients backed by the latest peer-reviewed scientific evidence and 15 years of extensive clinical experience. It’s made with the cleanest possible ingredients—and without gluten, or GMOs.

The Adapt Naturals Core Plus bundle is a sound and strategic plan for closing the gaps in your nutrition and laying the foundation for long-term health, no matter where you’re starting from.