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Julie Kimball
Great product!

The Bio-Avail Myco is a great product! I like that it is organic and contains 8 different mushrooms.

Hi Julie, Thank you for reviewing our Bio-Avail Myco. We're happy your are loving this supplement. We hope you experience all the great benefits of this product. All the best!

Dianne Lowry
Bio-Avail Myco

I am now taking Bio-Myco more consistently to enhance immune function. I have learned more about the power of Beta Glucans recently as well as the fact that Adapt’s Myco formulation is a great source of that particular ingredient for immune support. Thank you Chris Kresser!

Hi Dianne, Thank you for trusting Adapt Naturals ! We are happy to know our Bio-Avail Myco formula is working for you. We appreciate you leaving us a review!

Antoinette Bobbit
Bio Avail Myco lessens stress and brings clarity

Bio Avail Myco has helped keep me remain calm during a stressful time in my life. I have more clarity and better able to function with reason and understanding.

Shawn R.
Finally a combo!

I have been waiting for a company to create a combination of these three supplements! Top notch ingredients and one of the only supplements I have on “auto-ship” of all the supplements I take. Highly recommend. Appreciate Chris Kresser and his team for a great, easy to take supplement.

Hi Shawn, We are glad we were able to create these high quality supplements to support optimal health in adults. We are happy you are benefitting from the Bio-Avail Myco and the other products you purchases. Thank you for leaving us a review!

Kara Hendrickson
Bio available myco

I have experienced restful deep sleep since starting myco. I would highly recommend it!

Hi Kara, We appreciate your recommendation and is glad to hear you have been experiencing restful deep sleep since you started our Bio-Avail Myco. We hope you will experience other benefits as you continue this supplement. We appreciate your review!

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