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First Multi that doesn’t give me heartburn

I have tried a lot of multivitamins and far this is the best multi I have had! Adapt is the only one that doesn’t cause me digestive issues and has been improving my energy levels.

Hi HL, Thank you for reviewing our Bio-Avail Multi. We are indeed pleased to hear your energy level has improved and you have not experienced any digestive issues from taking our Bio-Avail Multi. We appreciate your support. All the best!

Best multivitamin on the market

I’m a skeptic when it comes to multivitamins. These were recommended to me by a functional nutritionist as part of a plan to prepare for and recover from surgery. I can say after taking them for 3 months and then stopping for a month that I noticed an increase in my overall energy and reduction in symptoms (headaches, gastrointestinal) while taking them. I also notice that, unlike other multivitamins I’ve taken, these don’t make my urine fluorescent yellow! I’m guessing that means my body is actually able to absorb them. Also appreciate that once you order, the refills come in a bag, not another glass jar. Five stars all around!

Hi JBD, We are glad that our Bio-Avail Multi is beneficial to your health. We hope you will experience other positive results. Thank you for your review!


Love this product! It has changed the way I feel each day! I’ve tried multiple brands and these truly make me feel better. 😘

Hi Jenna, Thank you for reviewing our Bio-Avail Multi. We are pleased to hear you are loving this product. We appreciate your view!

Lauren Festa
Everything you need and nothing you don’t

I switched from another trusted brand of multi-vitamin to the Adapt Naturals brand, mainly because my other brand contained a whopping amount of alpha tocopherol which I am now trying to avoid in large doses in favor of tocotrienols. In short, the Adapt Naturals brand of multivitamin has everything you need in the right amounts and nothing you don’t need. It’s carefully crafted, which is what I’ve come to expect from Chris Kresser’s supplements.

Hi Lauren, Thank you for trusting Adapt Naturals with your health. We are elated to hear you found our Bio-Avail Multi and it is working for you. We appreciate your review! All the best.

Wardena Patrick
Have looked a long time to find a Multi vitamin that has what I need!

I have followed Chris Kresser for many years, along with other functional medicine doctors. I have tried so many products along the way to help with primarily digestive issues and have been trying to find a multi that is NOT filled with junk additives, or things I am allergic to and one that has the things I need for MY body. I recently started working with a registered dietician on my food sensitivity issues and we decided the first thing I needed to do was improve many of my nutrient levels. Taking handfuls of multiple capsules 2 or 3 times a day is such a hassle and it’s expensive to try to find high quality supplements. We decided to look for a multi vitamin that has most of what I need. We printed out labels and compared ingredients for months but just couldn’t find what was right for me. I got an email from Chris about Adapt Naturals supplements and went thru the label on the multi vitamin with a fine tooth comb, showed it to my dietician…who has also followed Chris for years….and decided to try it! I started out slow with 2 caps in the morning and after a week added 1 cap at night. For right now…I am sticking with that. I really do have more energy, less brain fog, less inflammation. Supplements can be expensive…..but going to the doctor and having severe medical issues is even more expensive. I am a plant based eater because I just don’t digest meat well and fish makes me ill. I recently started using the Adapt Natural Omega and have had no issues with it! My next shipment I also ordered the Mag and the Organ supplements….and will start out slowly and see what happens! Keep in mind that I am working with a registered dietician who is amazing and by working together….and trying Adapt Natural products…so far I am very impressed and my body is happy! Thank you Chris for working so diligently for so many years to create these amazing products!

Hi Wardena, We are elated to hear that you finally found a Multivitamin that is beneficial to your health. We hope you experience all the great benefits of our Bio-Avail Multi. Thank you for trusting Adapt Naturals with your health. We appreciate your review!

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