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My favorite blend of medicinal high potency mushrooms. I take these daily and it helps my energy and stress levels.


I didn’t order a subscription. I need to cancel further deliveries


Love it

Hi Stephanie, We are glad you are loving our bio-Avail Myco. Thank you for supporting our brand . All the very best!


Balances out ADD symptoms

Hi Stephanie, We are happy our Bio-Avail Myco is beneficial to your ADD. We hope you experience other benefits of this supplement. Thank you for your review!

Pat In San Rafael

I purchased my first order of Adapt Naturals about 6 weeks ago. I bought the Colostrum and Myco on that order. I very quickly felt the effects with more even energy, digestive calm, and what seemed to be better bowel regulation. It is difficult to discern benefits when multiple products are being used simultaneously so I can’t speak specifically to the benefits of the Myco. I have since ordered more of the Adapt products: Vit D3/K2, Omega A+, and Multi. This may add more confusion in terms of discerning benefits of each of these products, but I feel confident in the quality and research that has gone behind all of Adapt Natural’s products. One lingering question that I always have with using any supplements is: is there such a thing of “over-supplementation” and the cross redundancy of ingredients which could lead to excess levels of fat-soluble vitamins like K,A, D, E?

Hi there! We’re thrilled to hear you’re liking your Adapt Naturals supplements :) Thank you for being a customer. We always suggest speaking with your healthcare provider prior to starting a new supplement regimen—whether ours or anyone else’s—to determine if it’s appropriate for your specific circumstances.
There’s a not-so-little thing called biochemical individuality that essentially means each person has unique nutritional needs based on their individual genetics, health history, lifestyle, and environmental exposure. Because biochemistry is quite complex, there is no way to answer this question definitively. That said, our founder, Chris Kresser, took RDAs into account when he formulated the Adapt Naturals line, particularly the Core Plus Bundle. We can assure you that Chris has not bundled supplements that would add up to dosages that could cause toxicity in otherwise healthy individuals. But again, we do recommend you speak with your healthcare practitioner about your specific supplement regimen—we are not privy to your specific circumstances, nor are we legally able to answer this for you.
Thank you again for being such a loyal Adapt Naturals customer :) Please take good care.

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