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Tyler Holt
Bio avail is the best!

I've been taking several of the bio avail supplements for a few months now and it is definitely helping me with dealing with new parent fatigue.

cassandra segoviano
A perfect edition to my healthier lifestyle regimen.

These are working for me. They provide the nutriments missing from food grown today.

Mike Robarge

I am not purchasing the product anymore.

Josh Meyer
Who knows

If you’re going to take a multi, this is the one. you’ve probably already done your research and know that these are the best forms and high potency. But can I honestly tell you that my health has changed as a result of taking it? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hi Josh, We are sorry to hear you have not yet noticed any major difference since taking our Bio-Avail Myco. Every individual is unique, some persons may notice instant results while it may take others a little longer to notice any results. We hope you will see some improvements soon. Thanks for leaving us a review!

Diane Althaus
Quantity of supplements

I bought the Multi for a couple of reasons: one, I was tired of taking a ton of separate supplements and thought, after looking at the list of what was included, that I could hold off on the separate items I had been buying, and I trusted Chris Kessler to have high quality ingredients well-treated and manufactured. However, the quantity of some of the items is so low, I can't help but wonder why they were there at all; I will now have to go back to taking the separate supplement to get the right quantity. For example, quercetin is usually taken at 100 mg; this is 50. Resveratrol is also usually at 100 mg (and is not very bioavailble); here it has 10 mg. Same for pantethine, lutein, lycopene, etc. I realize that the serving size is already 4 pills, but I'd say if you don't want to put a useful amount in because you don't want to increase the serving size, then leave it out.

Thank you--Diane

Hi Diane, Thank you for trusting our brand. It's a pleasure for us to know you found our Bio-Avail Multi and it is working for you. Thank you for leaving us a review!

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