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Bio-Avail Mag

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Magnesium is an essential mineral for human health, involved in over 700 enzymatic reactions, and required to synthesize DNA, RNA, and proteins—the building blocks of life. It promotes sleep and relaxation, helps maintain normal blood sugar, supports bone health, and much more.

Bio-Avail Mag highlights:

Promotes sleep and relaxation, helps maintain normal blood sugar, supports bone health, and much more

Contains 300 mg of magnesium—to close the gap between the average intake in the United States and the amount we need for optimal function

Contains buffered magnesium chelate, a highly bioavailable form that gets absorbed quickly and is easy for the body to use

Is far less likely to cause the unfavorable gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms (like loose stools and bloating) associated with inferior forms of magnesium


The Missing Link for Energy, Relaxation, Bone Health, and More

What makes Bio-Avail Mag stand out?

Why optimize your magnesium levels with Bio-Avail Mag?

Magnesium is an important nutrient for converting carbohydrates and fat into energy and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Magnesium may also support the proper functioning of insulin receptors on cells.

Magnesium helps the muscles relax, which can promote relaxation and a sense of calm and support restful and restorative sleep.

Magnesium supports enzymes that improve the function of blood vessels and the heart.

Magnesium works together with calcium and vitamin D to maintain strong and healthy bones as we age.

Individuals with compromised digestion are more likely to lack adequate magnesium. Buffered Magnesium Chelate can restore healthy magnesium balance and improve bowel regularity and function.


Bio-Avail Mag is best taken with food. We recommend taking the daily two-capsule serving with dinner to promote optimal sleep and relaxation and healthy elimination the following day.

Many magnesium supplements on the market contain magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate. These forms of magnesium are not as well-absorbed as the Buffered Magnesium Chelates that we use in Bio-Avail Mag, which bypass typical routes of absorption and are thus less likely to cause the unpleasant gastrointestinal effects associated with less bioavailable forms of magnesium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Melissa Merchan
I liked !

I bought the magnesio and the multivitamin, I had a baby of 2 month and it is so important to me to take this supplement… it gives me a lot of strength. I recommended for sure

Hi Melissa, We are so happy our Bio-Avail Mag and Bio-Avail Multi is giving you the strength you need, especially when it comes on to taking care of a newborn. We appreciate your review!

Helps with sleep

My 17 year old son has struggled with sleep for many years. He was able to lower the amount of Melatonin he takes since starting the magnesium. I’m hoping he will be able to stop taking any melatonin soon!

Hi Lisa, We appreciate your support to Adapt Naturals, We hope your son will experience all the great benefits the Bio-Avail Mag has to offer. Thank you for reviewing this product!

Kevin Ahern
Tentative Yes

It’s still early days yet but starting on BA Mag has done nothing but improve things for my overall health and functioning.

Hi Kevin, Each individual is unique and may notice improvements at different occasions on their supplement journey. Some may notice instant improvements while others may notice a difference a bit later. We hope you will notice improvements soon. Thank you for reviewing the Bio-Avail Mag!

Happy Customer

I had been hearing about the benefits of magnesium. I am active with volleyball, rock climbing and kayaking and wanted to set my body and mind up for success. I do feel it helps with relaxation of mind and muscles. Happy customer!

Hi Holl, It's always a great honor for us when our customers are happy, we are glad you are among our happy customers. We are pleased to hear you have seen improvements in the relaxation of your mind and muscles since taking our supplement. Thank you for reviewing the Bio-Avail Mag!

Jennifer C.
Sleep much improved with Bio-Avail Mag

I have tried magnesium supplements in the past but had never found one my body could tolerate. I have now been taking Bio-Avail Mag for over three months, and while it took about two weeks for my body to adjust to the full am/pm dosing, the results are well worth it. I am sleeping more soundly with far fewer episodes of middle-of-the-night wakefulness. I highly recommend giving Bio-Avail Mag a try if you’ve been unable to tolerate other magnesium supplements.

Hi Jennifer, We are so glad your body is able to tolerate our Bio-Avail Mag and you are now seeing improvements in your sleep. We hope you will continue to benefit from this great supplement. We appreciate your recommendation. Thank you for leaving us a review!